If an ADHD diagnosis is confirmed, then options for treatment will be discussed and a plan for treatment agreed upon together with the patient. I provide follow up appointments via video consultation and will offer free support via email to respond to any concerns especially when titrating medication 




The diagnosis itself and education about the condition can be a key aspect of treatment, allowing the person to develop an understanding of and develop strategies to manage the difficulties they have whilst also highlighting the strengths of the individual.



Medication is often recommended, and this is consistent with the Natinal Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines. The medications recommended have been highly researched. They include:


  • Stimulants, such as
    • Methylphenidate  (which has different formulations including Ritalin, Concerta XL, Equasym XL and Medkinet XL)
    • Dexamphetmaine
    • Lisdexamphetamine (or Elvanse)
  • Non stimulantsincluding Atomoxetine (or Stattera) and Guanficine (or Intuniv)


People with ADHD taking such treatments report often rapid onset of action, especially with stimulants, feeling calmer, more focused with reduced problems with inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity, thus reducing their impact on the impaired areas of functioning, such as employment  and relationships.  Other effects include greater mood stability and improved self confidence.


Before starting any medication a review of significant physical personal and family history will be undertaken, and simple investigations including blood pressure and heart rate performed.


If it is agreed to start medication, then a plan for titration of the chosen drug will be agreed, and communicated with your general practitioner. 


It usually takes 6-12 weeks to reach a stable maintenance dose of medication. I offer free email support to respond to any concerns, especially when titrating medication.


Psychological interventions

Self help, cognitive behavioural therapies, mindfulness and ADHD coaching have all shown effectiveness for management of ADHD.

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