"In early 2017 my youngest son was diagnosed with ADHD. It was following his diagnosis that I contacted Rob Baskind for a private assessment. At the time I perceived I was functioning well however recognised traits in my son that I could see in myself. My head was comparable to the National Lottery ball machine thoughts constantly bouncing and not always able to predict what came out ! However in contrast at times I really struggled to stay awake without continually drinking coffee.

Rob conducted the initial consultation in a clear, friendly and non judgemental manner that allowed me to be relaxed and be honest and open about my symptoms.

The process of assessment and diagnosis felt a very "working with" Rob to find the best solution and what worked for me.


Rob's expertise in ADHD diagnosis and level of professionalism at all stages gave me great confidence.

The aftercare I received from Rob was excellent medication was titrated to a dose that managed my symptoms but allowed me to remain me.

I now recognise that ADHD had a massive impact on my life I am now much calmer, can stay focussed all day without drinking constant cups of coffee.


The biggest change for me is the increase in my confidence, self esteem, not constantly living with self doubt.

I can not recommend Rob enough and thank him for his input into transforming my life"

Fiona - Leeds


"Dr Baskind was thorough with his assessment, and has been very considerate and knowledgeable. The Tower Clinic was a nice environment and was easy to find. It was such a relief when I finally got the diagnosis."

Matt - Leeds


"I found Rob online and his website makes it clear what you're getting and the costs incured which is refreshing in this arena. The appointment itself was excellent and very thorough, with interviews and a full history taken, I'd already come to a realisation regarding my condition and Rob confirmed this with a diagnosis, and a subsequent report. My after care and treatment plan have been set up and I feel relieved there are answers, but also solutions for the future. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone, particularly adults who may feel a diagnosis would be relevant as there is subsequent help available."

Steve - Bradford



"I first contacted Dr. Baskind privately to discuss the possibility of an assessment for ADHD. During the assessment, Rob took the time to listen and understand the things I had to say before discussing what options were available. We worked out a suitable dose and type of medication over a few months, remaining in contact via email and Skype when needed. Rob has continued to assist me in acquiring a shared care agreement with my local GP and continues to support me should I ever need to contact him. Thank you so much for your support Rob, It has made a real difference."

Michael - North Yorkshire


"After suffering from mental illness for 35 years causing hospitalization's and tremendous anxiety to my family I sought help from Dr Baskind. My NHS Psychiatrist refused to acknowlegde the possibility of ADHD as I had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and was on numerous amounts of medication, none of which helped.

I contacted Dr Baskind who listened to me and had me complete the ADHD test forms. Dr Baskind is friendly, approachable and easy to talk to.  He is professional and his knowledge and treatment of adult ADHD is extensive. We were so relieved that he was just prepared to listen to us and except the possibility that for all these years it was ADHD that had caused my ill health.

My family & myself are so delighted that I consulted with Dr Baskind he gave me the diagnosis of ADHD that I so desperately needed my life has been transformed and I my mood has been stable since taking concerta.

I will be forever grateful to Dr Baskind for turning my life around and I would urge anyone in doubt about adult ADHD to have a consultation with Dr Baskind as he can change your life around as he certainly did mine." 

Linda, Kinghorn, Scotland 



"It’s no exaggeration to state that following my appointment, diagnosis and treatment from Dr. Baskind, my life has completely transformed for the better.

I’ve always known something was ‘wrong’ or ‘different’ about me, from childhood onwards. After a lifetime of never quite fulfilling my potential, frequent overwhelm from millions of thoughts, chronic procrastination and relationship difficulties, these issues were starting to seriously affect my mental health.

Misdiagnosed with a ‘mood disorder’ that ‘looks a little like bipolar 2 but doesn’t quite fit’, I decided to finally get some answers. Rob Baskind was incredibly thorough, professional and easy to open up to. Since my diagnosis of ADHD (combined subtype), my self esteem has increased tremendously, and my whole life now makes sense. Medication has calmed down my racing ‘motorway’ of thoughts, and I now feel serene and focused for the first time ever.  The change is overwhelming, and friends and family are really noticing the positive difference. “You look really well”. I feel really well, as daily life and work is no longer a draining struggle.

Dr. Baskind works in partnership with his patients, and as such, results and benefits are very quick, and settling on medication was easy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Baskind, and my only wish is that more people who felt as I did for so long, get the help they so desperately need."

Michelle, Harrogate



"I saw Rob Baskind privately in Leeds in a smart clinic in North Leeds. During my inital assessment Rob was understanding, knowledgeable. For the first time in my life, I felt someone was committed to understanding my difficulties. I now realise I was suffering from a debilitating condition. Rob consistently had my best interest at heart. A professional manner and realistic advice, the process from assessment to diagnosis, to finding the correct dose of medication was seamless. Medication changes, titration process smooth, and painless working towards a life where I was not on the verge of falling asleep (inattentive) and felt some sense of pride and motivation in my work and not being hyperactive with speeding thoughts. Being able to enjoy the simple things in life without constantly needing to drink tea or eat chocolate to lift energy levels. My work life benefited from the diagnosis; I am calmer, more focused and able to concentrate, as well as my confidence developing. A realisation of the self, abilities, limitations and goals."

Anon, Leeds




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