ADHD Assessment and Follow up Fees

New Assessment 



Note if you have a previous diagnosis this may not require a a full assessment. Please contact me to discuss.


Follow up appointments

Face to face - £135

Skype or Telephone - £100





Please note

If a diagnosis is made and you wish to consider medication then a 30 minute follow up will be required to discuss all options, carry out necessary observations and develop an agreed management plan.


It would be expected that at least one follow-up after commencing medication will be required but this will depend on response to the medication.


It would be hoped that a shared care agreement with the GP will be agreed once a medication is stabilised so medications may be provided through your GP. This is not guaranteed and would require agreement from the GP.


Prescriptions provided outside planned appointments 

(by post or picked up) - £15


Letters required for reasons other than following an assessment or a follow up 

(for example for work or university) - £50


Please note that outside the necessary and planned appointments, I am happy to provide informal email support and education throughout the assessment and treatment phase


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