Assessment process


Adult ADHD assessments


Assessments are currently carried out via video consultation. Face to face appointments are not provided at this time.


A compehensive mental health and diagnostic Adult ADHD assessment will be undertaken.


The assessment will take around 2 hours. Prior to the assessment relevant questionnaires will be sent to the person including self rating questionnaires and informant questionnaires to be completed by a parent or other who knew the person  during childhood and a partner or friend who knows the person well as an adult.


An ADHD diagnosis in adults requires evidence of symptoms during childhood and therefore it may be helpful to have someone present who knows the person well, such as a parent to provide childhood history and a partner/friend. If any school reports are available, then it can be very helpful to provide these also. 


A full psychiatric history will be taken to screen for other mental health disorders, as well as an assessment of ADHD symptoms specifically.


It goes without saying that a referral for an ADHD assessment does not guarantee a diagnosis. If a diagnosis of ADHD is not given, the reasons for this and advice moving forward will be provided.

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